Sterling Accounting & Tax (SAT) offers a variety of bookkeeping and accounting services to help manage your business and keep track of income and expenses. Ensuring accuracy of your financial situation may help significantly reduce your tax liability.

Financial Statements

We can prepare many different financial reports such as Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements and utilize monthly comparisons for analyzing percentages to gross income, cash flow and collection reports. Most reports can be easily customized to suit your specific business accounting needs. Every business must rely on accurate financial statements to make informed management decisions for day-to-day operations. These statements also need to be accurate and properly formatted for bank/investor reporting. Our professional bookkeeping staff takes on that burden so you spend your time focusing on daily operations.

Account Reconciliation & General Ledger

Our bookkeeping staff will compare your information to your financial accounts to make sure all transactions are recorded and balanced. We can even enter all your activity for any period of time in the general ledger, review what has already been recorded, and make adjustments for proper coding and tax savings.

Accounts Receivable, Invoicing & Collections

SAT bookkeepers can invoice your customers, track unpaid balance aging, and record your deposits while looking for any discrepancies to help your business manage its cash flow. We can help track down and collect past-due balances on your behalf, thereby reducing your administrative time even further.

Accounts Payable & Bill Payments

Have our staff pay bills for you! Whether online or by traditional check, freeing up even more of your valuable time. We can also file your quarterly/annual payroll reports, in addition to calculating/remitting the taxes on your behalf.

Payroll Processing & Taxes

We prepare payroll checks, either manually or electronically, including direct deposit, to save time and money from other payroll services. We can also electronically pay your payroll taxes and file your payroll reports. We can also calculate the payroll checks for you when you need to know the net checks per employee.

Local Sales & Use Taxes

Our professional bookkeeping staff can easily generate sales tax reports and file online. Less work for you!

Budgeting & Forecasting

Let us help you establish a budget for income and expenses and generate reports to accurately reflect your budget versus actual items to help management decisions more timely.