Income Tax Returns

Sterling Accounting & Tax, LLC is a leading tax preparation firm in the Verde Valley. We have a “sterling” reputation when it comes to income tax preparation and all associated tax services.

Our certified professional tax preparers provide comprehensive tax preparation services in Cottonwood, Sedona the Verde Valley and surrounding areas of Arizona. Filling out and filing your own tax documents is often a hassle and prone to error. You do not have to do it by yourself! Our tax preparers will ensure your taxes are filed accurately an in a timely manner.

Maximizing Tax Deductions

Avoiding over/under payment of taxes requires careful use of deductions. Our Arizona tax preparers ensure compliance with all tax regulations, maximizing your return and minimizing your tax liability. We help business owners navigate complicated healthcare deductions, business expenses, self-employment tax, and even home-office setup and organization. Our bookkeeping team can also make sure that you are filing taxes according to periodic and recurring due dates, such as what is required with payroll taxes.

For individual tax preparation clients, we walk you through itemized deductions if needed, include any applicable losses, charitable contributions, education credits, and other common tax deductions for you and your family.

Amending Tax Returns

If you made a mistake on a previous tax return, or missed out on a deduction, the IRS has a grace-period for updating and re-filing prior-year tax returns. Amending your tax return provides the opportunity to get your tax return filed correctly. Amending your own return can however be intimidating to attempt it without assistance from a tax professional. If you need help filing an amended tax return with the IRS, bring us your prior year paperwork and we will help make any necessary updates or changes.

Electronic Tax Filing

We file your taxes electronically to expedite receipt of your tax return. We only use professional tax software to accurately prepare and double-check your tax return for any errors or omissions. With our help, you will know without a doubt that your business or individual tax return will be timely, accurately, and in legal compliance with the current tax codes.

Tax preparation services provided for…

  • Individuals
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Profit Sharing Plans

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